our snapshot stockpile


You know that feeling that lingers around a new project: great excitement mingled with with great anxiety… because you think it’s going to be fantastic, but you’re a little afraid that you might not follow through?  That’s kind of how we feel about this new venture.

Inspired by the creative women over at habit, Mom and I decided to start a little “photo habit” of our own.  We’re out to capture the essence of our day-to-day lives with a single snapshot and simple caption. We hope it’ll turn into a nice place to connect with family and share some of the sweet, simple experiences that so often are forgotten in the rush of the daily grind.  It’s an exercise in noticing, appreciating, and celebrating the little things that make each life unique.  Or perhaps it’s the little things that make each life common.  Either way, it’s the things that make our lives ours.

The rules are few. Each day gets one photo and one short caption—thirty words or less—per person.  Photos can be as simple or elaborate as our creativity inspires, but they must be original (meaning no using anyone else’s photos), and true to the day (meaning no using a photo you took last week for a post today). And that’s it!

So, thanks for stopping by. We hope you like it.


P.S. If you’re a family member and want to join in on the action, we couldn’t be more excited to add you. In fact, we were hoping you’d want to join. Just say the word and you can play too!

  1. Kelly, Grandpa and I would like to join this site and be able to post pictures also. This is a great site and we love the pictures that you and your mom have posted.

  2. Kelly,
    This is so great to look through…………Keep it up! What a nice idea.

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